Davo's Party Hire - Make Your Party One People Will Talk About
Davos has all your Crockery, Glassware & Cutlery needs covered..
Clean, easy to transport and setup, robust and fashionable.

  • Scotch, WIne and Beer Glasses
  • Dinner plates, Bowls, Entree' & Dessert plates
  • $1ea

(We have special prices on complete dinner sets, formal or informal)
  • Bread & butter plates 50c ea
  • Cutlery; Knife, Fork, Spoon Desert/Soup 60c ea
  • Tea spoons 30c ea
  • Medium Cup & Saucer set 90c ea                                          
looking for something special?
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Davo's support team any time.

Phone 0356 782 006
Lovely bone white crockery, professional and decedant touch..A very basic budget setup, tidy and presentable, colors and details all changeable,